Mobile Ramp Technology

Mobile Ramp System, a design of İlke Makina R&D department, eliminates outside ramp system of the spray booths with metal basement, and provides entrance in the spray booth throught the pneumatic mobile ramp. Taking the form of a ramp when brought down, and holded up to level of basement after vehicle entrance. Mobile ramp enables more confortable work in service area.


Electronic Command Pannel
Special Design Electronic Command Pannel


Provides energy saving and complete control.

A failure that could occur in the spray booth fans or fan motors, and fan with failure will immediately appear and user will be informed by digital screen.

In the case of both Water Borne and Solvent base paint usage is possible, ELECTRONIC CARD will enable you to select the paint type on digital screen.

When different temperature and time values are required for painting, flash off, pre-drying and drying positions; ELECTRONIC CARD could be set easily for required values on digital screen.

With “Factory Settings" obtion, set values could be automatically reset to the factory settings.

Spray Booth operation time could be followed on the pannel. Thereby, maintenance and filter replacement times could be checked easily.


Electronic Ballast
  Daylight illumination & Energy saving

illumination fittings are placed at the sides of the booth, with a scope of 45 between walls and plenum.Covers of illumination fittings are placed at front with gaskets. These covers are portable, and flourescents could be replaced easily.

Each flourescent lamp has the power of 40 Watt. İllumination is provided by electronic ballasts. Electronic ballasts provide 30% energy saving as well as extending flourescent life.

Direct fired Burner
  Fuel Saving by complete combustion

Air is heated by this directly clear, controlled gas flame and distributed into operation airflow by the use of durable blowers with centrifuge.


It is an obtional choise reason with the painting and drying spray booths.


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