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Ilke Makina established its factory in 1993 in Akhisar industrial area, and showed the extent of its target and vision by presenting innovative solutions and holding considerable share of domestic market . Ilke Makina exports its product to 50 countries worldwide.

Continuously following the technological innovations within the sector, in 2005 Ilke Makina went into production of the waterborne spray booths in accordance with the developing water base paint technology,and has been endeavoring to improve its products through continuous R&D studies.

As a result of market researches, in order to meet expectations of customers, specifically designed PLC with a user friendly touch-screen HMI screen,which will provide complete control of the spray booth, began to be used as a standard within the products. To see other developments please click.

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Feel the quality and guarantee of FIRAT brand in the industrial plants with special solutions for you.

FIRAT Painting and Drying Spray Booths strengthened its services through utililization of state of the art equipments in order to conform to CE standards.


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A Wagon Painting and Drying Spraybooth with 30 meter lenght was produced for SEMAF RAILWAY COMPANY, Wagon manufacturer company in EGYPT, it was installed and started up at the end of 2006.

Our specially designed filtration system with Water Curtain has become as a standartd preference within the painting and drying spray booths exported to this country.



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Producing specially designed Painting and Drying spraybooths suitable for your work, Ilke Makine brought spray booth concept to a customer-focued attitude.

A folding roof system developed, so that entrance of parts into the booth via a crane becomes considerably easier.

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